CEO greeting

With the management mind to give priority to "clean sea", Green World has grown as a global company in the world on the basis of ocean transportation and trade and has enlarged its business field to their related fields.

Green World has proceeded with marine product trade and foreign investment business with Maldives boasting of heaven-blessed natural environment on the basis of its specialty in marine product trade field. In addition, it operates super freezing carrier to transport the fish captured in remote sea stably.

The company is providing the best service proper for customer's requests on the basis of accumulated capacity and discriminated know-how, coping with the change of trade market such as globalization of the 21st century's world economy.

The company will do its best to be the company contributing to human race, promising that it will be your eternal company to keep its attitude to make the best effort on the basis of its capacity.

Please give us your continual interest and encouragement to us.

Green World Co.,Ltd. CEO Eui. Bae. Kim